Spelling Bee

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What is the Spelling Bee?

 A Spelling Bee is a contest in which contestants spell words aloud and are removed from the contest when they spell a word wrong.  This competition is held every year at Trexler and is open to all students.  To find out more about the annual Spelling Bee ask a TMS Language Arts teacher.  


How can I participate in the Geography Bee?

Students are selected for the Spelling Bee based on various levels of competition.  The first level of competion is held at the classroom-level.  Those students who are selected from their class will then move on and participate in a school-level Spelling Bee contest against students from all grades within their school.  The students who win at the school-level will then represent Trexler Middle at the county-level Spelling Bee competition.



2017-18 OCS Middle School Spelling Bee

Date:  TBD

Time:  5:30pm

Location:  Northwoods Park Middle