Early Release Professional Development (ERPD)

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What is Early Release Professional Development?  

Included in the 2017-18 calendar are five early release days.  These student “half days” are used for professional development for teachers and other staff members.  By setting aside these days for needed professional development, the county has increased the number of days that teachers are in the classroom instructing children by decreasing the amount of time out of the classroom for required workshops and other training activities.



ERPD Release Time:

Trexler Middle School will release students 3 hours earlier than a normal school day.  Our early release time for 2017-18 will be 11:15 am.  Please be sure to have ride situations scheduled in advance on ERPD days.



Are students allowed on campus?

No, students are not permitted to be on campus on ERPD days.  For this reason there will be not be any club meetings or team practices on early release days. 



2017-18 ERPD Dates

2017:  September 21st, October 19th, November 9th,

2018:  February 15th, March 15th