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Mrs.  Lynn  Jackson
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Principal's Corner

A Message From the Principal

On behalf of the teachers and staff at Trexler Middle School, welcome to our school’s website.  Our website is updated often and contains a variety of information about our school.

At Trexler Middle School, we pride ourselves on providing a quality education for all students.  Faculty and staff offer a variety of programs, curricula, and services to make the middle school experience for students both enjoyable and productive.

We recognize that students enrolled in middle school are undergoing physical, emotional, and social changes and therefore the middle years are a crucial part of their development.  Their lives are bombarded with issues such as self-identification, conforming to parental and other authority figure requests, peer acceptance, and completion of course work in approximately six different subjects all at one time!  Yet, in the midst of all these demands, students are provided the information and tools to be successful and to achieve high standards.

We hope your visit to our website meets your needs and we invite you to visit virtually or in person as often as you like.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us.


Mrs. Lynn Jackson