Lacee Estes Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
6th Grade Math


Texas Tech University Alumni




 2003-2007 Northwoods Park Middle

2007-2010 Carson Valley Middle School, Nevada

2010-current Trexler Middle School


I am originally from Texas where I went to Texas Tech University.  I am
dedicated and committed to teaching.  I am also the co-coordinator to Trexler's AVID program an have been a staff developer for AVID for five years during the summer. I have taught math for 15 years. My husband, Shaine,  retired from the Marine Corps and coaches Football here at TMS. Brodie and Bettilu are my two yellow labs.  We adopted a toy poodle and her name is Lil Bit.

I am full of enthusiasm and I try to bring new ideas and a constructive perspective
to the 6th grade team. I teach with different learning styles and use technology in the
classroom.  The students and I create a positive atmosphere of learning.  I make
instructional decisions based on the students. I use different ideas,
concepts, and informational tools to assess a student's
progress. There is several different opportunities to reinforce the material
covered in the classroom.