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Visual Arts, Week 3
Due Date: 10/6/2017

VISUAL ART Category breakdown:

Classwork=50%   Homework=20%   Test/Quiz Grades=15%    Journal=15%

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your students grade or behavior concerns please contact me via email or feel free to contact the school office to schedule a conference to view your students portfolio and express and discuss these items.

The classwork for each grade level is due on Friday, unless otherwise directed or needed and accounts for 50% of overall grade.

The DO NOW is collected on Friday and is worth 15% of overall grade. Homework projects are due every other week and worth 20% of overall grade. The next homework assignment is due on Oct. 5th for B group and Oct. 6th for A group.

Vocabulary quiz will be on Thursday for Group A classes and on Friday for Group B classes. All modifications are utilized including separate setting, extended time and read aloud if requested for any and all students. Students will have 3-4 quizzes and they are allowed to use their class notes. Scores from quiz and/or test items account for 15% of overall grade.

Students can make up any of the class assignments, homework assignments, missed quizzes and portfolio journal entries.

This week students will further explore varied media and techniques depending on grade level. These include painting techniques, experiment with print making methods, stained glass design and resist painting techniques. We will take our first vocabulary quiz on the elements of art this week so students need to review their class notes. Below is a list of activities planned for the week.

Do Now Journal Prompts: The students is responsible to write the prompt and their response in their art journal. All students are given time and assistance to complete this daily assignment.

One- The four art subjects are ___________,________,________and _________.

Two- A portrait features ______________________________. 

Three- A still-life features ____________________________________.

Four- A landscape features ______________________________.

Five- Nonobjective art features ______________________________. 

Vocabulary varies depending on grade level; All classes will take a vocabulary quiz on Thursday and Friday. Special and required modifications are in place for al students including extended time, separate setting and read aloud if requested and/or required.

8th - Students will begin work on the Colonial American art works that reflect an important historical event or person in American history. 

7th - Students will explore Australian and African art works.

6th - Students will complete their mummy designs and then begin exploring Greek art and artifacts. STudents will create a Greek vase design using motifs and characters associated with the Greek culture and mythology.